Where art meets science

The Massane’s exhibition on Mediterranean old-growth forests

The National Nature Reserve of Massane features in a French-Catalan cross-border dialogue between art and science through an innovative exhibition. The stunning images of Jose Casanova, a photographer from Barcelona, and Josep Casacuberta, a French scientist and passionate photographer, with text by Joseph Garrigue, curator of the Massane Reserve, capture the essence of one of the last old-growth forests of the Mediterranean basin. The balance between the life and death of trees and the action of wind and water create a variety of textures changing with the days and seasons. The photographs remind us of the complexity and beauty of nature, the value of time and reflection, introspection and silence. More than 24,000 visitors over the past year have immersed themselves in this exploration of the importance of our old-growth forests and the challenges of their preservation.

For more information: Diane Sorel, National Nature Reserve Massane

13 March 2020