Medforval fights wildfires

New EUKI project launched to reduce the wildfire hazard in the Mediterranean

Scientists estimate that during the 21st century wildfires will account for at least 30% of GHG emissions in the Mediterranean region and the total burned area is projected to increase by 40-100%. One of the main causes of wildfires is inadequate land management leading to accumulation of dry biomass and landscape simplification. The abandonment of rural areas of Mediterranean countries with a traditional mosaic-like landscape of high environmental and socioeconomic resilience, has led to the homogenization and simplification of the territory. The consequences are accumulation of biomass, poor landscape planning and the consequent fire risk exacerbation.

Medforval members Luberon (France), Prokletije (Montenegro, represented by Green Home) and Samaria (Greece, represented by the CIHEAM MAICh) are the target sites of the new “MediterRE3” (REstoring REsilience of Mediterranean landscapes to REduce GHG emissions from wildfires) project, funded by the GIZ (German Development Agency) through the EUKI (Europäische Klimaschutzinitiative) instrument. The project started in September 2021 and it will focus on promoting fire-smart and resilient landscape mosaics by fostering the application of the Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) principles. The project will deliver guidelines for fire-smart landscape planning in the Mediterranean region thanks to the work of a group of specialists. In addition, Landscape Action Plans in each target landscape will be delivered with the involvement local constituencies of stakeholders. The upscaling of the project outputs at regional level will be secured through the Medforval network, thanks to a plenary workshop that will take place in the Luberon Natural Park in late 2023.

For more information: alessio.martinoli@istituto-oikos.orgon : Alessio Martinoli