Protecting forests, involving people

New project in Astroni Crater Reserve 

Summer is upon us, and the danger of forest fires increases every day. Timely reporting of fires is a crucial means of defending our forests. A new project – ABCD (Astroni forests: know and defend) – has developed and released an app that allows people to report fires and other dangerous situations. The Astroni Crater Reserve, Italy, with the University of Naples, the Pozzuoli council, the Park of Campi Flegrei, ARDEA and other associations and private companies, is working on a forest fire prevention strategy that combines technological solutions and involves people in voluntary activities. Along with the app, a video surveillance system is being created to identify fire outbreaks. Since the beginning of July people have been taking part in fire detection activities and cleaning the areas outside the Astroni Crater Reserve to create fire breaks to protect the Astroni forest areas.

For more information: Fabrizio Canonico, Director, Astroni Crater Reserve  –

Photo: © Astroni Crater Reserve

22 July 2020