Poblet: planning for the future

The introduction of the Potential Biodiversity Index (PBI)

Poblet, a natural site of national interest in Catalonia, includes 3,380ha ranging from lowland dry evergreen forests to mountain mixed deciduous forests. The team at Poblet are just completing their forest management plan for the next 15 years for the area of main public ownership (2,180ha). In this forest, logging is forbidden and only thinning is allowed. In this crucial context, planning will focus on conservation – for instance, improving mature characteristics – and adaptation to climate change and fire prevention. The plan will include a plot map with the Potential Biodiversity Index (PBI), the first time that this index has been applied in a Catalan management plan. The Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia was commissioned by the Forest Service of the Catalan Government to develop this tool with the participation of park managers. 

For more information: Xavi Buqueras, Generalitat de Catalunya – xbuqueras@gencat.cat

Photo: Generalitat de Catalunya

5 June 2020