Forest-related workshop

Valuable exchange towards restoration of the Ticino Basin

There has been an important step forward in the initiative to restore the Ticino River Basin Landscape, by the Medforval member site Ticino Valley in partnership with several Italian and Swiss entities and Istituto Oikos. The push to develop forest-related priorities to be included in the forthcoming landscape restoration plan was the focus of a workshop, held on 28 October, looking closely at the management of forests in floodplains and in protected areas, forest restoration favourable to wildlife and the resilience of forests to extreme climate events. While the workshop participants are all partners in this initiative, and in regular contact, the workshop provided a much-needed opportunity for an exchange of views between different countries, experts and agencies. The Ticino Basin restoration has been framed from the outset as a participatory process aimed at achieving the resilience of ecosystems and human communities through the provision of environmental, social and economic benefits, and can be counted among the initiatives implementing Forest and Landscape Restoration.

For more information: Fulvio Caronni, Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino

Photo: Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino

29 October 2020