Forest Management and Climate Change

A new study to understand carbon sinks in French Forests

Today we are faced with urgent questions regarding climate change, the role to be played by forests and wood products, and the growing conflicts between the functions of forests in metropolitan areas. A new study for French forests – Forest Management and Climate Change – seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the evolution of the carbon sink represented by forests and the wood sector, to propose a strategy optimising the role of forest management in mitigating climate change by 2050. The subject matter is complex, and the study sets out to demystify the knowledge and calculations necessary to understand and simulate changes in carbon stocks and sinks under different management scenarios, proposing a tool for reflection and evolving dialogue. Forest Management and Climate Change aims to contribute to a truly multifunctional management plan for French forests between 2020 and 2050.

For more information: Elodie Magnanou, La Massane –

Photo: Gaëtan du Bus de Warnaffe / Sylvain Angerand

5 June 2020