Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve

The abridged guidelines are now available 

The abridged version of the 2019 Forest and Landscape Guidelines of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve is now available on our website and you can access the pdf version at this link. The report is one of the outputs of the MAVA-funded project “Mediterranean knowledge on Forest Landscape Restoration”, led by Al-Shouf Cedar Society in partnership with Medforval and Istituto Oikos. The document describes the approach and lessons learned from 12 years’ experience of Forest Landscape Restoration implementation in the Shouf-West Beqaa forest landscape in Lebanon, with an analysis of the actors involved and the best practices carried out until now. This work also contributes to the broader goal to restructure and rehabilitate 350 million hectares of deteriorated land by 2030 – the Bonn Challenge – putting the Shouf Biosphere Reserve at the forefront of the global effort toward worldwide forests’ rehabilitation. The document specifically revolves around the necessary recovery of the landscape’s ecological functionality and ecological and socio-economic resilience, as well as the restoration of ecosystem services and livelihoods that best support a shift to a green economy.

The abridged report was edited by Nizar Hani, Marco Pagliani and Pedro Regato.

For more information: Marco Pagliani, Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Photo: © Shouf Biosphere Reserve 2020

18 November 2020