Field trip in Talassemtane National Park

Forest engineering students and research fieldwork in the Rif Region 

The picture above was taken during research fieldwork in early March with forest engineering students in the Talassemtane National Park in the Rif region of northern Morocco.  Characterized by high mountain conifer forests, the Park has over 200 endemic species of which 80 are specific to this mountainous area which was classified in 2004 as a National Park, and in 2006 as an Intercontinental Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve. The National Forestry School of Engineers in Rabat are testing a hierarchical system for monitoring forest vegetation and population species. Their research is also contributing to an update of the conservation status of some endemic rare and threatened species in the park. During this first short visit they were able to confirm the location of a population of an endemic species, Rhodanthemum laouense. Field work could not be finished because of the pandemic COVID-19.

Mostafa Lamrani Alaoui, National Forestry School of Engineers, Rabat, and Focal Point for the Talassemtane Medforval site – 

4 April 2020