Drawing attention from abroad

Australia: Medforval approach to contribute to Forest Management Plans

Early on Medforval carried out a complex participatory process to map out the criteria to identify high ecological value (HEV) forests based on 1) diversity, 2) dynamics and ecosystem functioning and 3) age and maturity. We consider the resulting document to be a work in progress; nevertheless it has caught the attention of a regional forest management body in Australia who are planning to draw on the approach developed by Medforval for identifying forests of high ecological value. The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning are currently undertaking a major forest policy reform program and have found the criteria to be useful and insightful. They have looked at how other jurisdictions around the world conceptualise the many ecological values that occur within forests, drawing on this to set management objectives. They will keep us updated regarding how they ultimately draw upon HEV criteria as part of their work.

For more information: Serena Arduino, Istituto Oikos –  serena.arduino@istituto-oikos.org

Photo: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria

5 June 2020