2021 Horizon Scan

Medforval’s contributions to the  investigation by BiodivERsA

The 2021 Horizon Scan promoted by BiodivERsA is an initiative for global conservation and biological diversity supporting the collaboration of multinational teams of scientists. It seeks to identify emerging topics in the conservation community that could have substantial effects on biological diversity at a large scale in the medium to long term and to stimulate debate about these subjects. Topics for the 2021 Horizon Scan are currently being considered; Medforval members have submitted six proposals:
•    Use of dendrochronology to measure the effects of dried mountain lakes at micro-ecological level (Nesat Erkan, Köprülü)
•    Explore forest aerosol compartment (Elodie Magnonou, La Massane)
•    Agroforestry and holistic planned grazing as profitable agricultural land uses that promote natural regeneration and ecosystem restoration (Filipe Silva, Guadiana)
•    Adaptive management of Mediterranean forests under the changing climate (Dany Ghosn and Ilektra Remoundou, Samaria).
•    The detrimental effects of water-saving rice production practices on groundwater table and biodiversity (Ticino Valley and Oikos)
•    Biodiversity in urban green spaces: a key to promote urban ecosystem services (Oikos)
The topics that will be selected, among all those submitted, will be funded under the future Horizon 2020 research program.

For more information: Isabella Vannucchi, Istituto Oikos –  isabella.vannucchi@istituto-oikos.org 

5 June 2020